Lesson Plans



This section presents a series of short 2-6 day lesson plans on special topics that have historical and contemporary significance within Indian Country.  While each lesson is designed for specifically-stated days of classroom time, each may be made into shorter or longer lessons according to teacher and student interest.

Each of the lesson plans follow the same format:

  • Introductory comments for the teacher which explains the number of days for each lesson, the grade levels targeted in each lesson, objectives for each lesson, and any academic language included in each lesson.
  • Lesson Content for each day of instruction with begins with an Introduction and Hook for each day of the lesson, includes detailed discussion questions
  • Conclusions that summarize what students should understand about the entire lesson.
  • Bibliography of selected reading and research relevant to the lesson.
  • California Social Science Standards addressed in each lesson.


As of early 2011, the following lesson plans are available: Mascots, Symbols, and Names; Federal Indian Policy: Historical Roots and 19th Century Policies; Cahokia: Unlocking the Mysteries; and The Makah: A Case Study of Resilience and Resistence. Additionally, several lesson plans that are posted in their entirely but currently are under revision due to broken links and inclusion of new research are available: Indian Boarding Schools; Indians in Northern California; American Indian Tribal Gaming; American Indians in the 21st Century; and Red Power.