Historical Overview:

The Historical Overview is designed to accommodate two different teaching and learning styles.  The first part - the Narrative Historical Overview - includes a narrative story that explains the relationship between North American Indian nations and the evolving system of American government.  The second part - the Chronological Historical Overview - includes a detailed timeline of the major laws and actions of the U.S. government as well as Indian responses to such  laws and actions.


Narrative Historical Overview

This section includes a brief narrative history of the historical and contemporary relationship between the colonial governments and American Indian tribes and between the United States government and American Indian tribes from colonization through the beginning of the 21st Century.  It is divided into four parts: Indian Policy: The Colonial Legacy; 19th Century Indian Relations with the United States; 20th Century Indian Relations with the United States; and 21st Century Indian Relations with the United States.  If you wish to access each individual part of the narrative, please click below on the appropriate part.  If you wish to read the entire narrative, you may access it by clicking on "Narrative Historical Overview" in the box in the left-hand margin.  If you wish to read each of the four parts of the narrative individually, click below in the appropriate box.